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Phasor Engineering, Inc. is an independent Electrical Engineering, Maintenance and Testing Service Corporation operating in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico since 1982(Tax ID: 66-0390865).  Accredited Member of the International Electrical Testing Association, (NETA) in the Caribbean.

Due to the high professional and technical capabilities and our 100% dedication to our electrical engineering and testing services, we were capable to capture the testing business with success. Phasor is totally committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectation of all of our customers. We are proud to be the only organization on the island dedicated 100% to the engineering and testing services.

Phasor Engineering Inc., can provide you with an excellent alternative to your electrical engineering and testing services needs.  Remember, electrical equipment deterioration is normal, but equipment failure is no inevitable.  As soon as new equipment is installed, a process of normal deterioration begins.  Un-checked the deterioration process can cause mal function or an electrical failure.  An effective electrical predictive and preventive maintenance program identifies and recognizes these factors and provides measures for coping with them.

We at Phasor recognized these problems and can provide you with the electrical predictive and preventive maintenance program that meet or exceeds your requirements and/or expectations; professional and economically. 



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