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Importance of the Grounding System

Grounding System provides certain level of safety to humans and property in case of equipment damages. The objective is that in the event of a fault to ground, sufficient current will flow through the ground path to allow the protective equipment to operate and isolate the circuit.

What is Ground Resistance Measurements?

Grounding Measurements ensure your installation meets grounding specifications, and make sure it still meets grounding specifications.  


Your electrical system needs a low impedance path to ground for protecting people and equipment. Because grounding systems deteriorate and so does their performance. Such deterioration is unavoidable, as it is the result of the ion exchanges that make grounding systems effective in the first place.

Importance in the Mining and Aggregates Industry:

The proper Grounding of Electrical Mine Power Systems is extremely important at Mine Sites.

MSHA Standard requires that the Resistance of Electrical Grounding Systems be tested immediately after installation, repair, modification, and ANNUALLY THEREAFTER; for the Metal/Nonmetal Mining Industry.

Resistances values in the two (2) ohm range are generally found suitable for Minning Industries.






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