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Our field services provide Acceptance Testing, Maintenance Testing Program and Commissioning of all Electrical Equipment and Electrical Systems used in all industries from the Oil and Gas to Power and Distribution to switchgear .

Our trained and certified personnel ensure the safe, efficient and reliable operation of  Equipment and Systems by using the state of the art equipment to conduct tests that meet IEEE, ANSI, NETA and ASTM standards.

  • Power Cables

  • Capacitors

  • Regulators

  • Surge Arrestors / Surge Packs

  • Bushings

  • Insulating Oil Analysis

  • SF6 Analysis

  • Metering Systems

  • Protective Relay

  • Grounding Systems

  • Ground Fault Receptacle


  • Power Transformers 

  • Switchgear

  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Circuit Breaker Trip Unit Retrofit

  • Circuit Reclosers

  • Switches

  • Motors / Motor Starters

  • Instrument Transformers 

  • Generators

  • Busways / Bus Structures

  • Insulation Glove and Blanket


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